Membership with fmpsa

Membership of the FMSPA is a recognised badge of quality and gives peace of mind to not only your customers, but your future customers. The FMSPA was formed more than 60 years ago by a core of established Slating and Plastering firms in Fife and has continued to thrive through to the present day.

Currently, in these challenging economic times, it is even more important to have your business stand out from your competitors. Customers are always looking for reassurance, when money is tight, that they are getting value for money and more importantly, a quality product or service.

All member firms in the Association have been vetted and approved to maintain standards and reliabilty of workmanship. The Association is consistently keeping pace with advancements in roofing and plastering systems. Employees of member firms are trained in the latest techniques and therefore you can be assured of the highest degree of reliabilty and quality of service.

Our members meet regularly to discuss and confront issues and changes throughout the industry. This keeps our members in tune with the very latest products and services along with up to date health and safety requirements, this information shared is vital to our commitment to a quality service.

Members range from small to large business working within our industries which mean you can always find a member who can handle the job, big or small. All of our members adhere to our constitutional code of ethics which have been guiding our associated members for more that 60 years.

The benefits of joining;

  • Potential customers will recognise our badge and feel more confident about choosing you over your competitors.
  • We have an excellent support network with help on issues affecting our business.
  • We provide a free mediation service on customer complaints.
  • Have access to all the up to date information on apprenticeships and grants available.
  • Demonstrations and information on products on materials, due to our unique alliance with our Associate Members

How to join;

To be accredited by us, you must be qualified in your respective field and come recommended by current members. Membership is not guaranteed – but if high standards of workmanship and providing excellent customer service are important to you, then we could represent you and give you access to our membership benefits.

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